Equus Research Laboratory

Welcome to Equus Research Laboratory at the Dairy Cattle Research Center, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Our research interests mainly focus on:

  • Genome assembly and gene annotation of donkey;
  • Dissecting the economically important traits in Equus, like the growth-related traits, diseases-resistant traits;
  • Origination and domestication of donkey.


Donkey genome assembly

To provide high-quality genome assembly of donkey to scientific community, we launched donkey genome project with the purposes: 1) provide chromosome-level reference sequence of donkey genome; 2) provide high-quality annotation of donkey genome.

Economically important traits analysis

To dissect the genetic mechanisms of economically important traits (such as body size of donkey, hybrid vigor of progeny of horse and donkey) of Equus species, we have been performing multiple-omics studies. We intend to identify the major genes or loci affecting the traits.

Domestication of donkey

To make the history of the domestication of donkey clear, we sampled more than 100 donkeys from 16 countries and carried out the whole genome resequencing of them. With the variants identified within these samples, we intend to estimate the domestication time of donkey and interpret the migration route from their origin area.


To make data from our studies available to public, we have been constructing databases covering multiple-omics data.


EquusTFDB is a database providing transcription factors of three Equus species (horse, donkey and Przewalski’s horse). The database included more TFs of Equus species than previous TF databases and provided valuable resource for comparative evolutionary analysis of gene expression regulatory network in Equus.


DonkeyDB is a comprehensive database which provides multiple-omics data including whole genome DNA variants of 130+ donkeys from different continents, gene expression data of more than 10 different tissues and whole genome methylation level data of donkey and horse, et al. It provides valuable resource for scientists focusing on Equus research.


Reconstruction of metabolic network in the bovine mammary gland tissue.

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Changfa Wang


Professor of Animal genetics and breeding

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Jinpeng Wang


Bioinformatics and Quantitative genetics

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Sun Yan


Animal genetics and breeding

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Chunhong Yang


Animal genetics and breeding

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